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Reservoir Quantification Laboratories - RQL

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About RQL
The Reservoir Quantification Laboratory, RQL, was established in 2005 by Fred Hilterman and Gennady Goloshubin. Initial support came from a Department of Energy Project and oil-industry sponsorship. On Fred's retirement in 2008, Christopher Liner became Director and John Castagna joined as co-PI.
Mission Statement
The RQL mission is to develop new and novel techniques for recognizing potential hydrocarbon reservoirs and then predicting the composition of the reservoir (characterization).
With a better quantitative understanding of the physical processes that effect the transmission and reflection of seismic amplitude, a more accurate characterization of the porosity, permeability, fluid saturation, thickness, etc. for the various compartments of a reservoir will follow.
Chris Liner - Director, Principal Investigator (PI), Professor of Geophysics
John Castagna - Co-PI, Margaret S. and Robert E. Sheriff Professor of Geophysics
Gennady Goloshubin - Research Professor
Tom Bjorklund - Research Scientist
Bob Wiley - Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
Research Alliance Investigators
Texas A&M University Petroleum Engineering Department
Behnam Jarfarpour - Associate Researcher - Reservoir Fluid Flow and Wave Propogation
Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) - University of Kansas
DOE Project - Application of Cutting Edge 3-D Seismic Attribute Technology to the Assessment of Geological Reservoirs for CO2 Sequestration
Saibal Bhattacharya - KGS Petroleum Engineer - Field Operations and Integrated Field Studies
Tim Carr - KGS Co-Director of Kansas Energy Research Center - CO2 Sequestration
University of California - Berkeley
Tad Patzek - Professor of Geo-Engineering - Multiphase Flow and Hydrofracture Dynamics
Dmitry Silin - Associate Researcher - Reservoir Fluid Flow and Wave Propogation
Valery Korneev - Staff Geological Specialist (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) - Seismic Wave Propogation

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